Monday, April 5


This is a fruity little montage of the intros a fighter does in the K-1 kickboxing organization in Japan. You remember K-1, right?

It's a real tragedy that this little sissy will get pounded mercilessly in the ... wait, what? My research staff has just handed me this ... his record is actually 15-3 and he recently won his weight class at a tournament. Mind. Officially. Blown.

This is something called cosplay, when people dress up as their favorite cartoon, comic book or otherwise nerdy hero and parade around looking like a fairy. Like this. Some people might call this Halloween, but it gives these freaks an excuse to dust off the old stripper heels and prance around in night gowns wielding battle axes.

This approaches the level of stupidity of when fighter comes out as the entertainment before they become the actual entertainment, like when Roy Jones spat a few verses before pummeling the shit out of some listless tomato can. Add a dress, giant bow ties and fifty backup dancers, and you've got ... this.

Looking at this year's batch of bad asses from Spike's The Ultimate Fighter, you have to wonder just what the hell is going on over there in Japan. It actually makes Foot Bagging appealing.

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