Tuesday, July 22

Gambling Is Awesome!

Thursday, June 19

Get To Know Your American Outlaws!

You know that guy from the office who has a nickname for everyone? The guy who points with a finger gun and interrupts your conversation to call you a name you don't answer to? Like Rob Schneider's Makin' Copies guy, except waaaay more terrible.

Right about the time the U.S. scored again to finish with a 2-1 victory over Ghana, I wondered how many hacky journalists were furiously penning those refresher pieces so they can play the cultural lighthouses to the lost ships of American fandom. Even if those articles were any good, you wouldn't remember any of the names. Names suck. Instead, I've put together this visual guide to our boys so you, the beloved reader can identify our squad among the droves of foreign shitheads who want to topple our shining beacon of freedom.

 BACKUP KEEPER: You'll never see him

 BRAZILIAN SLEEPER AGENT: just look at all that Brazilian-y hair!

DEUCE: He's an also a rapper that is actually better than Shaq

GRAHAM ZUSI: He's from Orlando and has an awesome name so ALL WILL KNOW THE NAME GRAHAM ZUSI!

Thursday, April 10

MB Is On Hiatus