Saturday, January 23

Sexy? Da.

The Belarussian SuperGirl

The Borscht-Boy stance

How Darko Milicic was conceived

Nice hooves

Her bulges are confusing/arousing me

These Russian cheerleaders are compliments of English Russia, because "every day something interesting happens in the countries occupying 1/6 of the planet." Catchy motto.

For more, click here.

It's good to see the rest of the civilized world is finally catching on to this whole cheerleading craze. As an added bonus, those wacky Reds have added fishnets! Are you like me? Do you believe trashy leggings could make a tax auditor's convention sexy? Talk amongst yourselves.

Even the Commie Chinese have gotten into the act. The Russians are truly Czars of sporting entertainment. Some of these shots are dreadful. Some of them are funny. ALL OF THEM ARE AWESOME.

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