Friday, November 11

Week 10 Wrap-Up: Sad Dolphin Edition

Still better than losing to the Broncos. [dies]

Everyone knows the Dolphins have a propensity for sucking out loud. Watching the team fail at all sorts of important categories like offense, special teams, and coaching is especially painful this year. It's made for an even more disappointing season because their defense is pretty badass. Meanwhile, the Patriots' D is the worst in the league in several categories, and they're 6-3; so maybe you'll begin to understand my pissedoffedness at these assholes.

The Toyota Biggest Blowout Award brought to you by Toyota goes to Josh's Pick City. He destroyed Brian's Whogivesashitwhatthey'recalled by over 100 points. Wow. Just wow. Brian only had one player in double digits and he's dropped the last 5 games. Hey, things are lookin' up!

AAAAAANNNND Trey edged me out Monday night with the help of shithead back Adrian Peterson. There's that old familiar feeling. He only needed 9.5 points to defeat my Magnitudes, and he got 9.75. What an asshole. My girlfriend has beaten Tara's 2.5 Mendenhalls and is now ranked higher than I am.

To help put this all in perspective, here's a Cleveland Browns fan ranting directly to the source. This is just how I feel about the league I created, preside as commisioner over, and really suck at. This dude was the genious behind Cleveland's Hastily Made Tourism Video ("...see our river that catches on fire...our economy is based on Lebron James...").

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