Tuesday, November 1


The new MNF Crew. Happy Halloween!

My Magnitudes edged out Josh's Picks by five points, thanks to Phillip Rivers' sensational 5.79 point performance. Let me just say I AM DAMN PROUD TO LEAD THIS TEAM TO VICTORY. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to crying into my pillow.

This weeks' coveted Toyota Biggest Blowout Award goes to (guess who) Tara and her 2.5 Mendenhalls. She asploded Glenn's Hellions by over 42 points! Granted, Glenn put up only 53 points and started two players on bye weeks, but she still gets the trophy. She can put it next to her expired catchphrases that she uses in everyday life.

Geoff's spaded Dawgs take over the top spot this week, continuing a 6-game streak. Big Ben is playing Baltimore on Sunday and Megatron is on bye; which means .... awww fuck it he'll probably win anyway because he always wins.

And now a musical salute to Philip 'Laserface' Rivers featuring Modest Mouse:

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