Thursday, October 27

Lucky Week 7?

Not for me! I took home the coveted Toyota Biggest Blowout award, thanks to Drew Brees existing. I got housed for over 63 points by that twat with the weird scar on his face. My recievers are still eating shit, my QB still continues to suck, and I'll never even go to the playoffs.

Congratulations are in order for Glenn's Hellions, who edged out Trey's Bucket Groovers by 13 points. I couldn't get an interview with Trey for this report, probably OUT OF EMBARASSMENT THAT HIS OPPONENT HAS BARELY TOUCHED HIS TEAM IN WEEKS. Trey was beaten by a ghost.

Geoff's Dawgs took the number one spot from Josh's Picks, who was destroyed due in large part to bye weeks. Congratulations, Geoff! Your prize is this Halloween-themed video featuring Tim Curry as a wizard who's fabulousness is only eclipsed by David Bowie's Jareth. It featured AWESOME blue-screen effects, bedazzlingly creepy looks by the star, a tambourine, and a betamax player. Happy Halloween, everyone!

A special shout out to The world's biggest Harry Potter fan, Tara for talking trash on Facebook. She seems to think it's impressive that she's beating the Price brothers during her first run at fantasy football. Why is that impressive, Tara? BECAUSE YOU'RE A GIRL?

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sprinkles was here said...

Because I'm a girl? Yes. But also because you're losing to someone who two months ago had no idea who most of the guys on her roster were. Soooooooooooooo, suck it trebek!!