Friday, January 7

Don't F__k With The Ducks

Here's a clip from Jimmy Fallon's show featuring a very special guest. It's not thrash metal, but I suppose it'll do.

It's about time that mainstream comedy has begun to introduce more topical sports-related material. Maybe it's the bottomless well of ammunition that's finally awakened the writers to our dopey heroes on the field. Last year, we were treated with Britfarr's Penisgate and Rex Ryan's footsie tapes. While the latter will NEVER, EVER get old, I hope to one day see Brett clumsily fondling Erin Andrew's sweet, sweet cans on national television ala the famous KSK incident.

BRETT FAVRE: I wanna text you. [tweaks her nipple]

ERIN ANDREWS: Wha? [swipes his meaty paws away]

BF: I could care less about the team strugg-a-ling. [hiccups]

EA: OK, um ... back to Jim Norton and the guys up in the booth.

Anyway, my favorite is the crotch-chopping Duck. I wonder: could you train a real duck to do that?

That Sebastian Bach sure is hot. She's still performing on Broadway, ya know. It's good to know that women still take care of themselves, staying thin and treating their golden voices like fine instruments.

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