Tuesday, August 5

Welcome to Geoff's Ginger Den!

Hello, campers! Gather 'round the fire and get comfy. Tonight's guest comes all the way from Dallas to tell us about his career in the National Football League! We all know that's where big men go to smash their heads together. Ever wondered what would happen to your gorgeous red hair if you bashed it into someone's helmet? Well, one Sunday, Jason has ran around the field without his helmet on and almost found out!

GEOFF: During a game last year against the Eagles, you caught a throw from Romo mid-field and broke some tackles. Take us through what happened next.

JASON: Well, I felt some cool air on my head, but just kept running. Where's the wine and cheese? I was promised cheese.

GEOFF: We have Ritz crackers and Easy Cheese. What was going through your head at that moment?

JASON: Um, don't get hit on the head. My boss, Mr. Jones taught me that.

GEOFF: Truly inspirational. Chek cola?

JASON: No, thanks. I'm in training camp right now.

GEOFF: What have you done to help spread awareness about the suffering endured by gingers worldwide?

JASON: What? I thought we were talking about my career as a Cowboy?

GEOFF: Fuck those guys. They smoke crack. It says here you played at Tennesee, Peyton Manning's alma mater. What was that like?

JASON: So, no wine then? This interveiw is over.

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