Thursday, November 20

Not Funny 'Ha Ha,' Funny 'Queer'

No, this is not the latest dispatch from Kenny Loggins Beard Trends Headquarters in Bangor, Maine. This would be funny if it wasn't funny. Just look at this six minute sodomy's got everything!

Imagine the guy who had to line these meatheads up and get them to dance. I picture a whisper-thin poof with a yellow beret and an ascot; waving his hands wildy and shouting, "NO! NO! NO! MORE HIPS!"

Fake playing a saxophone is actually one of my childhood dreams. I will not ridicule anyone for it.

I love the lone hick lineman who wouldn't dance with his teammates, and instead raps with a Southern twang. Dat shit's tha real dirty south, son. WEST FUCKIN' VIRGINIA!

One more observation before I go off to manscape my neck hair:
These guys are tiny. Is it all the coke they were doing or the absence of good steroids? I guess it really was a different era...

1 comment:

Big Hair Dianne said...

Damn that's catchy...Just Ram it! Did your saxophone childhood dream include jiggling your buns in tight yellow spandex?