Monday, February 1

Probably My Last Golf Post

This is Hammer Golf, coming to a dark alley near you! It features a really boss woody wagon, three 18-34 demographites, and a bag of brand new Craftsman hammers.

I love it when these wreckless hipsters pay homage to human waste dumpster and professional widow Courtney Love's breakthrough band: Hole.

Here's a topic to discuss over drinks/meth at the 19th hole: Is it called a 'ball pin' hammer or a 'ball peen' hammer? The latter sounds more natural to me, although I'm sure 'peen' isn't really a word.

Update: Daniel Webster, author of some big ass wordy book says it's both:
peen n [prob. of Scand origin; akin to Norw penn peen] (1683): a usu. hemispherical or wedge-shaped end of the head of a hammer that is opposite the face and is used esp. for bending, shaping or cutting the material struck

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