Friday, January 1

Your Bowl Game Referee Signal Guide

Yesterday, while I was combining the contents of two file cabinets, I came across my program for last year's BCS National Championship game, which I proudly attended. It features a scoring breakdown from each game of both Oklahoma and Florida. The rest was shitty ads and merchandizing for dipshits that don't buy their memoribilia at the game. The last glossy page features this sloppily-arranged guide for people who happen to give a shit about the signals the referees give. You know, before they announce it over the loudspeaker.

I can't think of a more antiquated system of communicating rules than this. Why don't you just tell us, you striped fairies? No need for the wild Fonda-esque moves. Also, those pants make you look like a painter that put his outfit in the dryer too long.

Click here for more. Enjoy the games, everyone. Have a safe and happy New Year.

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