Thursday, June 11

This Should Be A Sport

This is a gameplay walkthrough by the head designer of Just Cause 2. Even though he's a whispy European poof, he knows badassery like I know asshattery. Don't think so? He might just stick some C4 to the roof of your truck and blow your shit up.

"But, Jeff!" You complain. "This is a video game. Isn't MagBas a sports blog?"

Of course it is, you silly goose! BASE jumping is a sport because I first saw it over a decade ago on MTV Sports with Dan Cortes. I miss him. Anyway, now that baseball is finally (and rightfully) being ignored and the Magic are Dead and buried, the sporting community is in hibernation. A dreary hiatus of suck that we may never recover from...until August. Now I know what Buffalo is like 12 months out of the year.

Directions for use:
1) Click on 'play.' It's the triangular button.
2) Click on 'full screen.' It's the rectangular button.
3) Prepare to have your mind officially blown. Nice knowin' ya, chief.

Seriously, this is some serious Bruce Willis-type shit. That grappling hook trick was SICK! When he tethered the humvee to the bridge and totally blew up the bad guy's spot, it made me feel kind of funny 'down there.' I'm pitching a t-shirt to this designer: NOW I HAVE A GRAPPLING HOOK HO HO HO

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