Tuesday, April 28

Sweep the Knee!

I first saw this dude (the short guy) on RealSports with Bryant Gumbel. He was featured as one of those inspirational pieces that tugged at the heartstrings. Kyle Maynard also tugs at your shoestrings, shown here in his first professional MMA fight.

Sadly, Kyle was not victorious. On RealSports, I seem to recall some pencil-necked geek actually losing to this dude on the wrestling mat. A teammate said something like, "he's deceptively strong" or "that fucker will do whatever it takes to win; up to and including sticking his nub in your eye." Here, his opponent appears to be either a) too affraid to lose to him during the first 1:30, or b) too nice of a guy to pummel someone with no arms or legs until he cries.

My favorite is at 2:15 when someone shouted, "Boo! You're a bitch!" followed by someone laughing. Who was he talking to? Maybe the referee. Clearly there are no bitches here; only 2.5 men. I keep picturing a sleazy promoter, lurking in the shadows and presenting a contract to sign, smiling through a toothy grin.
EMBED-Kyle Maynard, First Amputee MMA Fighter - Watch more free videos

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